Ascent to the volcano Pacaya


Well, it’s taken two days this amazing journey, but it was worth, take the road to the Pacific, at km 37.5 we cross the turnoff to the left that took us to the municipality of San Vicente Pacaya, Escuintla, then take the road dirt road that took us about 4 or 5 km. until you reach the village of San Francisco de Sales, where we find the Visitor Service Center. The time it took us to ascend from the spotlight visitors to the Plateau, was one hour forty-five minutes without Glad we lost the beautiful view of the Laguna Calderas from the viewpoint and not the view of the majestic Volcanoes Water, Fuego and Acatenango. Already in the Plateau, the cone is presented to us in all its glory and we were in awe of such beauty. We could appreciate the rivers of petrified lava and we sat down to admire the smoking cone of the volcano which stay right in front of us. Then back to the Plateau for lunch and had the advantage of going up and down on the same day and then we decided to camp where we had the opportunity to admire a wonderful sunrise.

The weather was quite hot, when you have reached the volcano, the temperature was 30 degrees Celsius but when you move up experience a considerable increase reaching 45 degrees at the top.

As information about the volcano we can tell you that the name Pacaya began to occur due to the abundant plants known as Pacaya (Chamaedorea elegans), the volcano has many craters, currently only one is active called Cone MacKenney, in honor of Dr. Alfredo MacKenney, in this place we feel the heat emanating from the earth materials, we took the opportunity to cook some delicious marshmallow with the help of branches. As curious fact the municipality of San Vicente Pacaya, is located at the bottom of a vast, ancient crater. Another geological formations that is related to the volcano is the stunning lake Amatitlan, which was formed before the tectonic subsidence caused by the activity of the colossus, which was filled by the rivers that come from the city of Guatemala.

We have climbed the volcano only 1 time, but surely we will again, there were people who was his twelfth time, you imagine? And we saw very impressed despite this, the funny thing was that we do not carry shirt round neck was too hot so we tan a little, not we handkerchief to cover us from dust, our shoes or say, we had sand between toes of both feet and very hot, so that’s why we recommend you bring the following things if you want to make the trip:

  • sports comfortable walking shoes or hiking boots (trekking shoes), avoid wearing new shoes because they can cause blisters.
  • A small backpack.
  • Chumpa or light sweater.
  • Hydration and a small snack.
  • sunscreen and sunglasses.
  • Cap or hat.
  • Camera.
  • Identification document.

We have not visited another place like this, I sincerely recommend, is easy to climb even for grandpas, has a lovely golden sunrise. It is visited by many national and international tourists for its beauty. However, it is much more beautiful and mysterious live it to read on a blog, will accompany us for our second ascent? …



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